We are Forelle Foods

Welcome to Forelle Foods

Forelle makes raw, plant-based meals and delivers them to the stores around Portland that you shop at the most. We works constantly to create amazing raw meals using whole ingredients that are sourced from local suppliers. We make raw, plant-based meals available where you shop so you don’t have to spend time sourcing for the right ingredients, pouring over cookbooks, and devoting the considerable time to creating delicious food that nourishes you most. You can also have peace of mind knowing that all your meals are created from ethical sources that help every stakeholder in the food system. Don’t see us on the shelves of your grocery store? Let us know and we’ll work to be there for you as soon as possible!


Here is a description of all of our wonderful products!

Raw Savory Mushroom Tart

Our amazing raw tart! We start with a crust made of walnuts, dates, and flax then add a savory cashew and portobello mushroom, and onion filling. We top it with marinated cherry tomatoes and sage. A satisfying and filling dinner that’s especially comforting when warmed gently in the oven.

Raw Sandwich

 Our take on a lunch staple. We start with a dehydrator walnut and zucchini bread; add a rosemary aoili; dehydrated onions; and a carrot, bell pepper and cucumber slaw. Yumm!

Tabouli + Falafel

A blend of cauliflower rice, fresh tomato, cucumber and mint. Served with three hearty raw pumpkin seed falafels and a lemon-tahini dressing. Refreshing, filling, and great for lunch or dinner.

Where to Find Us

You can find our products at these great locations:

  • New Seasons Market – Orenco Station
  • New Seasons Market – Concordia
  • New Seasons Market – Seven Corners
  • New Seasons Market – Arbor Lodge
  • New Seasons Market – Cedar Hills
  • New Seasons Market – Hawthorne
  • New Seasons Market – Nyberg River
  • New Seasons Market – Williams
  • New Seasons Market – Mountain Park
  • New Seasons Market – University Park
  • New Seasons Market – Slabtown
  • New Seasons Market – Progress Ridge
  • Market of Choice – Beaverton
  • Market of Choice – West Linn
  • Market of Choice – Belmont
  • Natural Grocers – Clackamas
  • Natural Grocers – Beaverton
  • Natural Grocers – Powell
  • Food Front Coop NW