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Why raw?

Eating living food is best way to load up on micronutrients while getting plenty of fiber for healthy digestion. Get ready to look and feel healthier.

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What people are saying about Forelle:

"I was totally blown away by the flavor and freshness of every single meal. From breakfast to dinner, I never felt deprived and truly looked forward to trying the next colorful creation. The whole day's worth of meals made me feel pampered and satisfied—who wouldn't want that feeling every day? If Forelle were a restaurant, I'd be there all the time. Luckily, it can come to me!"

Allison Jones, health writer and owner of Portland's Wildwood Coaching

"Wow. It was incredible. I really appreciated the convenience and the presentation. The food was satiating and the flavors were so creative. I can't wait to eat more Forelle food."

Angie Wolski, yoga instructor and owner of Hotspot Mobile Wellness

"Forelle will be a new constant in my busy, active life. I am a marathon swimmer, and clean eating and adequate protein consumption are equally important to me. Forelle hits the mark on providing balance and moderation with the freshest and most premium ingredients. Forelle is doing real, raw food - the right way."

Mattie Fowler, workspace design project manager at Nike

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